TRT – The Consumables

Here, the consumables are divided into 4 categories.

  • Main meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner),
  • Drinks (hot drinks & electrolyte tablets,
  • Snacks (jerky, gels, sweats, GORP etc.) and
  • Other (suncream, toilet paper etc.)
Main Meals

Most dehydrated food (we mostly used we use Mountain House) comes for 1 or 2 persons, we were a party of 3.  This added a little complication and we ended up buying 3 foil packs for 2 people and redividing it into 2 zip-lock bags for 3 people. These zip-lock bags were then combined into a lok-sak bag to keep the odor down for the bears. This cut down on packaging, trash and having to divide-up food on the trail. For breakfast and our favorite raspberry crumble, a multiple portion bucket worked out much more economical.


Tea, coffee, hot chocolate plus Nuun electrolyte tablets.


Beef jerky, Sweets


Mozzie spray, Batteries, Fuel, Hand sanitizer, Toilet paper, Suncream

Consumables Resupply Packages

Two similar package were sent to South Lake Tahoe (post office)  and Kingsbury (AirBnB) containing all that we would need to keep moving on the trail

  • 3x Breakfast, lunch & dinner for 3 days.
  • 3x toilet rolls
  • 3x suncream (100gm)
  • 15x Gu gels
  • 3x power bars
  • 1bag GORP
  • 3bag jerky
  • 1x Nuun tube (~12)
  • 25x boiled sweets
  • 1x sugar/tea/coffee/hot chocolate
  • 1x spare AAA battery
  • 1x mosquito spray
  • 1x fuel canisters (check with carrier and receiver about shipping fuel)


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