TRT Day 13. Mud Lake to Tahoe Meadows

The final day! Hiking out of the bowl that is Mud lake the climb continues on to Relay Peak, the highest point in the journey. More spectacular views, and it is fitting that during the gradual descent after Relay Point, the lake, gradually slipped out of view.

Eventually reaching the road there is a short hike back to where we had been dropped off 13 days earlier with an enormous sense of accomplishment. Feeling genuinely proud of each other and with new bonds formed over hardship, unique perspectives and quality time.

The trip probably could have been cut down by a day, but it was great not to have ever felt rushed. We were always either on or ahead of schedule and we took our breaks in a very relaxed way – never with any sense of urgency or that valuable time was being wasted.

 Key Statistics

  • Mud Lake            (Elevation: 9,395.08 ft. Lat: 39.293921 Lon: -119.955811)
  • Tahoe Meadows (Elevation: 8,531.82 ft. Lat: 39.302698 Lon: -119.918025)
  • Start Time – 9:30am End Time – 2:15pm
  • Trail miles according to AllTrails – 9
  • Elevation Gain according to AllTrails – 1368


Map data

TRT Association maps can be found here.


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