TRT Day 4. Kingsbury to Star Lake

A microwave cooked breakfast on TRT Day 4 with food from Kingsbury Tramway Market set us up nicely for the day. Star Lake was up and beyond the Heavenly Ski resort. We walked through town and joined the trail at the bottom of the familiar run KP and I have taken many times down to the bottom of the Stagecoach lift. The trail then took us up and around the Perimeter run and down into Mott Canyon, Killebrew Canyon and then into California and up to Monumental Peak. We were a little deterred by electrical storms near the peak but made it safely over and across to Star Lake.

Although Star Lake was our destination, after a late lunch we elected to carry on a mile or so to Freel Saddle. There were several water options along this day’s route, we collected the evening’s supply from snow at the saddle and Willow Creek.

Checking the weather, our site looked safe. Evidence of flash floods coming down from Freel Peak and the saddle could have proven our site rather wet had it rained hard. As it was, we were rewarded with spectacular views over the edge of the saddle.

  • Kingsbury (Elevation: 7,276.80 ft. Lat: 38.976113 Lon: -119.889871)
  • Star Lake   (Elevation: 9,116.21 ft. Lat: 38.876495 Lon: -119.890515)
  • Start Time – 10:00am End Time – 6:30
  • Trail miles according to AllTrails – 10.0
  • Elevation Gain according to AllTrails – 2599

Map data

TRT Association map for this section is here and here.

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