TRT Day 11. Tahoe City to Watson Lake

TRT day 11 began with a slow start and picking up some more sport gels from Alpine sports, we start our long climb up from lake level back onto the mountains. The long woodland trail took us upwards in a ‘C’ shape to Mount Watson. We had a late lunch a few miles short of the mountain, pausing whilst a storm passed through our nearby destination.

Our bodies were now used to the punishment and the elevation gain fell quietly away. By now, we much preferred – or rather our knees, preferred the prospect of climbing compared to descending.

We’d underestimated the water we’d need for today’s climb, the heat and physical assertion meant our water bladders were empty a few miles short and we arrived mildly dehydrated. Today we each went at our own pace and contemplated whatever we needed to contemplate. The walkie-talkies proved valuable to help us muster when needed.

Campers with dirt bikes and dogs, mixed with the terrifying sound of packs of what I assume were coyotes, through the night did not make for a restful evening or night’s sleep.

  • Tahoe City     (Elevation: 6,249.74 ft. Lat: 39.170573 Lon: -120.142771)
  • Watson Lake (Elevation: 7,962.89 ft. Lat: 39.225493 Lon: -120.137601)
  • Start Time – 10:15am End Time – 6:00pm
  • Trail miles according to AllTrails – 13.6
  • Elevation Gain according to AllTrails – 2835

Map data

TRT Association maps for this section can be found here.

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