TRT Day 9. Phipps Creek to N.Fork Blackwood Creek

TRT day 9 was started from Phipps creek and our proximity to the water required us to add a layer of mosquito repellent on top of our layers of sweet and sun cream, so far we’d not had too many of the little beasts to contend with. Here the air was still and I guess there must have been stagnant pools around.

More meadows as we headed North down to Richardson Lake and Miller Creek and then back up towards Barker Pass. The splendid views from Barker Pass are easily reached from Barker road and we passed day hikers as they headed home. For us, however, we continued down and stopped a couple of switchbacks short of N.Blackwood Creek where we had some elevation and great views East and over Lake Tahoe. We decided to get up early so we could catch the sunrise over the lake and get down to Tahoe City in plenty of time to enjoy the hotel we’d booked there.

  • Phipps Creek (Elevation: 7,585.93 ft. Lat: 38.961821 Lon: -120.170881)
  • N.Fork Blackwood Creek  (Elevation: 8,108.30 ft. Lat: 39.091371 Lon: -120.245146)
  • Start Time – 9:00am End Time – 6:15pm
  • Trail miles according to AllTrails – 13.8
  • Elevation Gain according to AllTrails – 2379

Map data

TRT Association maps for this section can be found here.

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