TRT : Tahoe Rim Trail

tahoe rim trail

The Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) is a 165+ mile circuit around Lake Tahoe, which adds up to 1/3 million+ steps and an accumulated ascent, equivalent to the altitude of which jetliners cruise (29,000ft or 2,230 flights of stairs). The lake itself sits at around 6,400ft, however, for the most part, the lake is way down below because the trail averages an altitude of around 8,000ft. The lake is almost equally divided between California and Nevada although it is difficult to notice any transition in the wilderness.

Water is available over much of the trail, however, a few long dry sections exist even in the wettest of years. The trails altitude means that it receives a good deal of snow and therefore the trail circles above multiple ski resorts. The through hike of the TRT is usually only attempted in the late summer months from June to September, but this can vary hugely from year to year depending on the size of the snow pack.

Our attempt took place at the end of July in 2017. We were fortunate enough to have close to perfect conditions. Because the trail is so high, this also means that the temperatures can vary wildly from year to year and month to month, for us, they were around 15 to 28 degrees Celcius. On our through-hike, the winters snowpack had largely gone, and whilst there was a good deal of flowing water, there was not so much as to make river crossings a problem.

The trail is maintained by the Tahoe Rim Trail association, they do a fantastic job of keeping all 165 miles in good order and report on any issues.

Tahoe Rim Trail : Preparation

Tahoe Rim Trail : Day by Day