TRT Day 6. Round Lake to South Lake Tahoe

Round lake had a quiet stillness as we left on. TRT day 6. Heading South, we walked though beautiful meadows until we reached our most southerly point and joined the PCT. A bald eagle marked the event as we gradually turned North and back towards Lake Tahoe.

This was a flowery day, with water not an issue, our packs felt light and the memory of yesterday’s toughness slipped away. We had lunch at Showers Lake and continued our march to Nebelhorn. The final hike down was rocky, steep and tough on the knees.

Here, I’d planned to take an Uber into nearby Meyers to collect our second resupply package. We debated whether to camp near Lake Audrian as planned or whether to press on to Lake Aloha. After some difficulty with communication, the car showed up. It turned out that the USPS at Meyers only accepts PO Box packages and we’d have to go into South Lake Tahoe main post office to collect ours. The option of staying in the town was quickly agreed and so it was a Holiday Inn Express bed instead of sleep pad tonight! We’d resume at Lower Echo in the morning – we had steak to eat in Harrahs and it was good.

  • Round Lake (Elevation: 7,985.56 ft. Lat: 38.751568 Lon: -120.003211)
  • Echo Lake    (Elevation: 6,765.65 ft. Lat: 38.834866 Lon: -120.034540)
  • South Lake Tahoe – Hotel
  • Start Time – 9:00am End Time – 4:00pm
  • Trail miles according to AllTrails – 12.2
  • Elevation Gain according to AllTrails – 1978

Map data

TRT Association map for this section is here and here.

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