TRT Day 5. Star Lake to Round Lake

TRT day 5 was probably our toughest day, both in terms of distance and elevation gain. We were all exhausted by the time we arrived at Round Lake. I’d downloaded the App ViewRanger. It proved really useful in identifying the various peaks in the distance – including the aptly and anatomically correctly named The Nipple.

  • Free Saddle (Elevation: 9,116.21 ft. Lat: 38.876495 Lon: -119.890515)
  • Round Lake (Elevation: 7,985.56 ft. Lat: 38.751568 Lon: -120.003211)
  • Start Time – 9:30 End Time – 6:30
  • Trail miles according to AllTrails – 17.2
  • Elevation Gain according to AllTrails – 2897

Map data

TRT Association map for this section is here.

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