Packing a backpack

You may think that packing a backpack is a mundane task, however, it is both an art and science! How you pack your backpack can significantly impact your enjoyment on the trail. Much of this is common sense, however, a little thought into what and where can save time and make your load much easier to carry. For some backpack recommendations, look here. For gear lists, look here. This first order principles are very simple.

  • Things that you may need quickly or easily should be at the top (or bottom pocket if your pack has one)
  • Heavy things as close to the centre of your back as possible
  • Lighter items to the bottom and on the outside

A more detailed look might look like the diagram below.

Handy Items

  • compass, knife, water handy on your chest.
  • snacks, suncream and phone/camera in belt pockets
  • GPS, charger, first aid kit, water proofs and other handy items in top/bottom pockets

Main Pack area

  • Sleeping pad outside as low as possible
  • Sleeping bag at the bottom of the pack
  • Water bladder, cookset, tent/hammock sit on top of the sleeping bag as close to your back as possible.
  • Clothes, food placed in order of their likely need

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