Figure Eight Knot

The figure eight is a popular knot with climbers, most climbers use this knot to connect their rope to their harness. The figure eight is easy to tie, easy to check and easy to release, even after a heavy load. It’s very unlikely to become undone, however, most climbers will add a safety because their lives may depend on it. The knot shown below is done on an end. Once the first, single strand figure eight is complete, the working end can be looped through a harness or other object. Then, it is simply a matter of taking the working end and tracing back through the initial figure eight. Once complete, count through the four pairs of cord to check the knot is correct. Incorrect dressing is obvious to observe because the pairs of strands do not sit in parallel but cross one another.  For the strongest knot, dress it so all the strands sit parallel with on another. See here for knot terminology.

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