Clove Hitch

The best thing about a clove hitch is that it is very easy to tie and untie. Whilst is is not a sliding adjustable knot, it is very easy, when not under load, to adjust the length. This knot is commonly used for climbing anchors and works really well under light tension. When completely without load and shaken about it can come undone. This knot should not be used when the diameter of the object is significantly larger in diameter than the cord used.

Tying the knot on and end

  • Start by wrapping a loop around the object to be tethered to with the working end on the outside.
  • Next, create a loop over to the other side.
  • Finally, pull the working end through the middle to make two loops

Tying clove hitch on a bight (e.g., hanging a bear bag)

  • Make a pair of loops
  • Than, cross them over one another
  • Insert a carabiner or other object through the loops

See here for knot terminology.

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