Knot Terminology

There is a bunch of knot terminology. Below are some key knot terms:

  • Bight, a central part of the rope
  • Cord, para-cord for example
  • Cinch, tightening the knot
  • Dressing, re-arranging a knot to ensure the knot is properly tied
  • End, standing end – opposite end to the working end (where the knot is)
  • Hitch, a knot which attaches to an object
  • Lashing, wrapping the cord around an object
  • Loop, an open or closed circle in the line
  • Quick release knot, a knot which in ties when an end is pulled
  • Rope, thicker than para-cord
  • Safety knot, a second knot to ensure the first does not come undone
  • Slip knot, a knot which unties when an end is pulled
  • Stopper knot, prevents an end from sliding though

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