Ursack Bear Bag

These are an alternative to large bulky bear canisters is the Ursack bag and bags will cost you around $100 depending on the model. These tough-as-hell bags are relatively light weight and whilst larger than a compression bag, they are much less bulky than a canister. These bags are made (varies by model) of super tough Spectra material. Amazingly, this is the material used in bulletproof vests and vehicle armor and is similar to Kevlar. Ursack promotional videos are very impressive. These videos show a pair of adult bears fighting over food in an Ursack bag. It is not so clear how well these bags would do against smaller animals who might chew though.

We used these on the TRT through hike we put all our food in LokSak bags, put these in a Ursack bag and lifted it 10+ feet away from the ground every night. Hoisting up a bag is time consuming and it is not always easy to find the perfect tree. But, the Ursack provided confidence that even if the bag was less than 12 ft above ground, it would be sufficiently high enough so that smaller animal couldn’t get to it and hard enough for bears – who might reach it. These bags are not permitted in all places, do check the regulations for your route.


To use:
  • Tie a double overhand knot and cinch tight enough that no food can be seen – no opening. We found that the easiest way to do this is to alternatively pull either working end. Then tie a square/reef knot or figure-8 above that.
  • Just like any other bear bag, secure it away from camp (ideally down wind).
  • Tie it up high to a strong branch. See hanging a bear bag.
  • Try not to get food odors on the bag. We suggest you use Opsak bags in your Ursack.
  • For more details see Ursack.com – How to use.


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