Hummingbird Hammock Review

Hummingbird Hammock Review

The Hummingbird Hammock Ultralight Single Plus Hammock is ultralight and super strong. It fits into a regular sized coffee mug and weighs just 7.6oz (210 g). It packs down to just 6x4x2 in (15x10x5 cm) and unrolls from its integrated stuff sack to116x63 in (295×160 cm). Plenty of length for a six-footer like me. It uses certified reserve parachute material and so, despite the hammocks weight, it can carry a specified weight of 350lbs. (158 kg). The stress on a hammock is proportional to the angle of the attachment lines and I’m not entirely sure of the test conditions. Weighing less than half this, it feels sturdy and comfortable.

The version I have, comes with integrated material carabiners. I personally found them too difficult to use with cold hands and opted for regular climbing carabiners or my own home made cord carabiners. Later versions have a button link which appears to be a slight improvement.

The complete suspension system below is comprised of homemade tree straps, Metolius mini climbing grade carabiners, and Whoppie slings.

The Hummingbird hammock was combined with a Sea to Summit Bug Net and ENO side insulation & ENO Quilt + Therm-a-rest Z-lite pad.




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