Esbit Ultralight Stove Review

Esbit stoveAmazingly, the Esbit Ultralight stove weighs less than the fuel tablet it uses. Being under 12 gms in weight and thumb sized, the stove is so small and so light, the chances are you’ll not notice that it is in your pack. The Esbit stove is simplicity itself and is constructed from 4 pieces of lightweight titanium, one sevres as the tablet holder and the other three are 3 fold out legs. Its base is suitable for medium sized mugs and cups. Like most stoves, it’s best used on a flat surface and with an appropriately (less than 1 liter) sized mug or pot. Since the tablet is very close to the ground, take care not to set any ground debris on fire. Always ensure that appropriate permits are obtained for stoves of this kind.

This stove comes with a small pouch but does not have any wind protection. This problem is easily solved by combing the Esbit ultralight stove with a Docooler windshield.

The Test

The pictures below were taken during light wind and rain at the base of Mount St Helens at 12degC. The pot used was a GSI Halulite 0.6l pot filled about 2/3rds of the way up – 0.4l. It took a little under 8 minutes to set-up and have the water boiled, enough for a meal for one and a hot drink. Obviously the entire stove gets extremely hot during use, however, it does cool down quite quickly. Being low to the ground means that the stove is springily sturdy, however, being so light, it is easy to knock it out of the way when placing the pot on top.

I regularly carry this stove as a back-up stove to my JetBoil.


  • Ultra ultra light and very small
  • Simple and functional
  • Inexpensive


  • Probably not ideal for a main stove


  • A perfect back-up / emergency or day-hike stove

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