Jetboil Flash Stove


The Jetboil Flash stove is my mainstay cook-set. Over the last 5-6 years many other suppliers have created similar verions of this simple but effective design. In essence, this is an all in one cook-set. The two main parts are the pot and the burner. There have been some tweaks to the design over the years, however, the basic principal remains the same. Jetboil also offer some different sizes, the Zip is 0.8 liter, Flash is 1.0 liter and Group is 1.8 liters. The flash weighs in at 14 oz or 400 gms.

The pot is different from regular pots in that it has a integrated fins all around the bottom. This translates into much greater efficiency. This is achieved beacuse with a flat bottomed pot over a burner, a good deal of the flame simply licks all the way around and fails to transfer it’s heat to the pot/liquid above. JetBoils address this by having a circle of fins to capture a good deal of this energy whist ensuring enough fire giving oxygen can come through to feed the burner. Under normal conditions, the efficient Flash will boil 2 cups of water, about 600ml in around 2 minutes. Compare this to 8 minutes with the Esbit Ultralight. This stove is great for overnight and through hikes. Indeed, we used this stove during our Tahoe Rim Trail through hike and the Flash was perfect for a group of 3.

The Jetboil Flash stove also features a neoprene outer covering which serves as both an insulator for the contents, but also a for your hands. The second part is the burner itself, this is fairly ordinary with the exception that it connects securely to the pot and so there is no concern that the pot will slide off the burner. The burner includes a mechanism for adjusting the flow of fuel and a piezo electric starter. The burner also fits snuggly into the pot and has room inside to fit a small size (100 gm) propane canister. The package comes with a lid for the top and a plastic ‘cup’ to protect the fins. There are smaller and lighter weight options, however, on almost all my hikes I reach for this set-up. It just works. I’ve used this over multilple trip over 5-6years and it has worked flawlessly every time.

The fact it’s all together in one package means whe I pull it from my pack, I don’t then have to fish around for fuel.


  • Efficient
  • Compact – all in one


  • Could be lighter


  • A great multi-use main stove

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