Hanging a Hammock – Pair of rings

There are many ways of hanging a hammock, this post describes perhaps the easiest and fastest method to hang a hammock using a pair of rings and paracord. Other posts describe how to use a farrimond hitch and how to use whoppies. The first thing to do is to lash to the tree. Prefer thicker rope or webbing over para-cord to avoid damaging the tree. Tree straps can be made from 3/4 inch wide polypropylene webbing or purchased here.


Hanging a hammock – Pair of rings

An alternative to using a knot (like a Farrimond or Blake’s hutch) to create an adjustable tensioner for a tarp or hammock is to use a pair of rings. Although heavier than just using the cord, a pair of rings saves time and is simple & effective. This technique is especially useful with narrow cords and can be easily done with cold or gloved hands.

The rings are held against one another at one end, a loop with a cow hitch works well. Then at the other end, the cord to be adjusted simply loops around both rings once and then a second time around just one ring.

Under tension, the cord squeezes the rings together gripping the cord where it has gone through just one ring.

Simply pull the tail to add tension. To reduce tension slide the rings so they do not fully overlap – easier done with reduced load. Be careful not to get a finger between the rings, under load, the rings squeeze together with tremendous force.

These rings also work well to stop rain from trickling down the cord and act as a drip point. These pair of rings assemblies or complete hammock hanging kits can be purchased from JollyTrails store.



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