EagleNest Profly Tarp

Eagle Nest Outfitters ProFly Tarp Review

Unlike simple square tarps, Eagle Nest Outfitters (ENO) have contoured, shaped and sized the ProFly tarp to go perfectly with their hammocks. In practice, it worked perfectly with the ENO Jungle Hammock. The tarp has a strong seam running along the ridge-line. Fixing hardware is provided at the end of the ridge-line and each corner. This hardware allow a guideline to be tensioned and locked in. No stakes are included. The included guidelines which came with my model of the ProFly were reflective, strange-heavy, wire-like cords which I immediately replaced. The swept back shape is great for use with a hammock.

Ground usage

The ProFly fell short compared to other tarps for use on the ground use as a plain tarp (see below) – but was usable. On the ground, the swept back shape left the shelter more open than it would have been had it been square.  Weight wise, the ENO tarp is somewhat heavy but it also feels strong and durable. All in all, whilst this tarp works well with ENO hammocks, there are better choices when it comes to general purpose tarps – including ENOs HouseFly.


  • Pairs well with ENO hammocks
  • Strong


  • Not ideal for ground use
  • Heavy


  • Use paired with a hammock in heavy weather

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