Of course the easiest stove is no stove, simply light a fire. In many locations, however, it is not permitted to collect wood and/or light an open/contained fire. Stoves can be broken down by the type of fuel they use:

  • Gas – most stoves are gas/propane fueled. Great for multi-meal trips or larger groups. For example JetBoil.
  • Solid – these stoves use solid tablets. Great as a back-up or for a few uses. For example Esbit UL.
  • Liquid – usually a spirit alcohol or kerosene burner.
  • Other – often these stoves are containers for twigs and or small pieces of wood.

Jetboil Flash Stove

JetBoil The Jetboil Flash stove is my mainstay cook-set. Over the last 5-6 years many other suppliers have created similar verions of this simple but effective design. In essence, this is an all in one cook-set. The two main parts are the pot and the burner. There have been some …

Esbit Ultralight Stove Review

Amazingly, the Esbit Ultralight stove weighs less than the fuel tablet it uses. Being under 12 gms in weight and thumb sized, the stove is so small and so light, the chances are you’ll not notice that it is in your pack. The Esbit stove is simplicity itself and is constructed …