Saywer Hydration System

The Saywer hydration system is a closed filter system for getting water on the trail. In this post we review the Saywer Mini, however, Sawyer offer a wide range of different filter systems.

The Sawyer mini is a very flexible hydration system. It can be used as an inline filter for water bladders (adapter kit required) or as a screw on addition to SmartWater or other compatible water bottle and for drinking directly from the source using the included straw. It’s a good idea to carry a back up system on through hikes, either in the form of a spare filter or tablets.

The Sawyer mini is an enclosed filter similar to the Platypus filter and as such it requires occasional cleaning by forcing water through backwards to the usual flow. This can be achieved using the included plunger/syringe.


  • Flexible
  • Light and simple


  • Cleaning


  • Flexible

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