TRT Day 3. South Camp Peak to Kingsbury

Our chosen camp site (50 yards into the trees in the first figure below) turned out to be fairly exposed and the wind rattled through all night. We set off on TRT day 3 a little groggy, our bodies not yet used to the hike.

This section was completely dry and so it was a good job we loaded up with water near the freeway yesterday. Arriving as we did, thirsty, we could have done with a bit more. We caught a few drops of rain on the way down but nothing significant. This section was almost all downhill and hard on the knees.

Kingsbury gradually came into view and we all looked forward to freshening up at the AirBnB we had booked. The additional miles we did yesterday meant we arrived shortly after lunch and so we had plenty of time for a shower, clothe wash and re-pack with the supplies I’d sent here few couple of weeks earlier. Our host was very accommodating. A proper dinner in the guise of a BBQ platter at the Fox and Hounds was fabulous. After a few rounds of cards, sleep came quickly.

  • South Camp Peak (Elevation: 8,869.23 ft. Lat: 39.061728 Lon: -119.898561)
  • Kingsbury              (Elevation: 7,276.80 ft. Lat: 38.976113 Lon: -119.889871)
  • Start Time – 9:00 End Time – 2:15pm
  • Trail miles according to AllTrails – 9.8
  • Elevation Gain according to AllTrails – 932

Map data from AllTrails

Download file: TRTActualDay3.gpx

Elevation data from Delorme GPS (10min intervals)

Download file: trt-delorme3.gpx
TRT Association map for this section is here.

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