TRT Day 1 – Tahoe Meadows to Marlette Peak campground

TRT Day 1 started with a Uber from Reno to Tahoe Meadows. August 12th 2017 at 11:15am we started. James, Jack and I, off on the adventure of a lifetime. Day 1 had a pretty average distance and a fairly light elevation gain.

  • Tahoe Meadows (Elevation: 8,559.74 ft. Lat: 39.300691 Lon: -119.920385) to
  • Marlette Campground (Elevation: 8,228.35 ft.  Lat: 39.191880 Lon: -119.888863)
  • Start Time – 11:15am, End Time – 6:30pm
  • Trail miles according to AllTrails – 12.7
  • Elevation gain according to AllTrails – 1709

Map data from AllTrails

Download file: TRTActualDay1.gpx

Elevation data from Delorme GPS (10min intervals)

Download file: trt-delorme1.gpx

James had his first look at (almost) the entire lake, his mouth dropped much as ours had the first time we saw the entire lake in all its majesty.

The excellent TRT Association page TRT Association Current Trail Conditions reported that the water pump at the site was broken, so we stopped at Twin Lakes to collect water – 2.5 litres each. Turned out there was a small stream about 1/3mile short of the campsite – but we weren’t to know that.

  • Twin Lakes (Elevation: 8,117.42 ft. Lat: 39.213703 Lon: -119.900408)

The seven designated sites at the campsite were full, but we found a spot which was pretty flat – as had 4 or 5 others.

TRT Association map for this section is here.

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